I started this little blog about a year ago when I was stranded in Malaga, Spain as an exchange student with little to no understanding about my surroundings; illiterate much? Yes. Very much. Beginning as a travel blog, my adventures totally took over my life and I found more importance in experiencing them first hand rather than documenting them so the dream died for a bit. When the adventures slowed down, the material seemed to get better and alas, I've found the time to blog again as a summer project. Welcome.

I recently decided to reboot and revise my material into more of a lifestyle and beauty subjective so the majority of the posts will be products, expiriences, and thoughts over the time to come with maybe a few tips here and there to affirm that I actually have an idea of what I preach. Have at it and thanks for reading.

Reis is the name, beauty and lifestyle's the game


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