Graduating, Gifts, and Guys

The first two Gs were easy- the third took some thought and now we're about to do some personal digging. Let's talk about gifts and graduation before we delve into the male species, shall we? Preserve some sanity while we can.

I think the best part of graduation was getting family together for the pot-luck of the century and the gift baskets that came with were secondary. Sleep and Stress Relief times two. Those were the potions in the greatest of the greatest gift baskets and it's quite foretelling of what's to come this next year. I'm going to need some sleep and stress relief and if these lotions and potions can do it, sign me up for dose number two.

Now that we've brushed over what really matters, let's touch on that last G. As graduation came and went, I've never seen so many couples break up. I think of this epidemic as a wave of summer fever and it's only infectious by interest and touch. Don't get involved and you won't be breaking out the Stress Relief potion as much as you would've with a guy in the picture. Take this as a fresh start. A new beginning. Whatever you want to call it. Just vaccinate yourself.


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